Solar PV
MEGAJOULE's solar project portfolio ranges from technical due diligences to country scale resource mapping and prospecting to the amount of 100 MW, in Portugal, Spain, Romania and East Timor.

We provide an independent perspective allied to a tailor made product range, always synchronized with each client's goals.
Our goal is to contribute to the settlement of economically viable renewable energy projects, providing excellent consultancy services to our costumers integrated in a variety of levels. 
Due diligence for solar power plants
The perception of the risks associated to the solar energy industry and how to deal with them, is an essential tool for investors and financial institutions, which invest in these business area. Therefore, requiring services tailored to their objectives, such as:

- Technical due diligence
- Equipment and mounting solutions comparative studies
- Power plants extension possibilities

We provide an independent analysis and support service, using our cumulative experience and the most advanced research tools, some of them developed by our very own innovation and research team, so that our clients can make rigorously informed decisions on their investments and projects. 

Solar resource prospecting
Based on point measurements and/or satellite coverage, MEGAJOULE uses a self constructed algorithm, similar to the one used in the European Solar Radiation Atlas (ESRA/SoDa) in order to determinate the parameters of solar radiation for the whole prospected area requested for the projects.

Considering the individual needs of each client, we provide mappings with definitions that range from 10 km, for large scale areas, to 100m, for local bounded projects . Covering from small areas, destined to utility scale power plant implementation, to country scale mappings for resource prospecting in order to search for the best investment locations.  
Feasibility studies

This services package is dedicated to the initial stage of the solar power plant design phase, when a complete approach to the place(s) considered for the projects implementation is required.

Its main objective is to provide an analysis of the multiple parameters that contribute for the local quality, as a energy generator, combining the desired area’s resource mapping with local construction restrictions, access ways, technologies in use and respective energy production estimates.

To find out more about our solar energy services download our presentation or contact us directly.


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