Power curves & asset management
Keeping clear figures of actual wind farm's performance is not an easy task. It demands a periodic, integrated and sophisticated analysis.
MEGAJOULE can help you grasp the performance of your wind farm or wind farm portfolio.

Power curves measurements

MEGAJOULE performs third party independent power curve measurements according to IEC and MEASNET guidelines (IEC 61400-12.1/IEC 61400-12.2). Our power curve and asset management team guarantees accurate and independent results with maximum efficiency.
MEGAJOULE is currently conducting 16 independent power curve measurements according to IEC 61400-12.1.
Performance tests

We also offer the supervision of global performance measurements of wind farms (MEGAJOULE participated in the development of the IEC 61400-12.3 – Wind Farm Power Performance standard).
MEGAJOULE can act as a third party independent entity in performance tests associated to guarantee contracts (like WWFW or others), balancing relations between suppliers, owners and operators.
MEGAJOULE is currently conducting wind farm performance tests for more than 60 MW of total capacity.

Wind farm climate monitoring services

To effectively monitor the performance of the wind farm we must know the climate that serves it. Only that way you can compare operational results with projections and quantify the real performance of wind farms.
MEGAJOULE can project, install and conduct efficient and reliable measurement campaigns for your wind farm.

Performance evaluation and wind farm intelligence

In order to evaluate the performance of its assets, the owners of wind farms are generally dependent on SCADA user interfaces, which they do not fully know or control. Typical complains are that the information is often confusing, inadequate and heterogeneous from one wind farm to the other.
MEGAJOULE offers forensic investigation services for operational data of wind farms. Some of those results are the effective comparison of real energy production to the ideal/planned, quantifications of losses due to inactivity and unavailability, determination of turbines and wind farms power curves, wind indexes among others.
Associated with these services, MEGAJOULE was the technical consultant appointed for the development to an innovative system of integrated remote management of a portfolio wind farms with more than 2.0 GW across Europe.
MEGAJOULE performed forensic analysis of the wind farm operation in a total installed of 20 MW. MEGAJOULE was appointed by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN) to conduct and publish the first Portuguese wind index.

Re-assessment of energy yield

After the first year of a wind farm operation, owners can review their initial estimative for energy output and income with significant reductions on the estimates uncertainty (P90, P80 or P75 associated). The questions associated with the extrapolation of wind measurements to the site, hub height and related to the real performance of turbines and wind farm can be greatly clarified based on real operation data from the wind farm.
The Re-assessment of energy yield can be an extremely useful tool in the renegotiation of financing conditions. Regardless of the resulting adjustment of “central” estimate in the long-term production, the reduction of uncertainty achieved by Re-assessing estimates usually leads to an increase in the limit of P90 associated. MEGAJOULE offers an independent review of operational data and Re-assessment of long-term energy yield of the wind farm.

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