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After the first six years of accomplishments and achievements, MEGAJOULE began a new stage of its trajectory and, therefore felt it was time to seek for new paths, new experiences and to innovate.

Driven by this era of growth and evolution, MEGAJOULE implements the process of internationalization of its activities acting in relevant areas in the scenario of renewable energy such as in Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, India and Argentina.

MEGAJOULE also believes that the construction of a new image was important to adapt to the new expectations experienced by the company.

To that end, it developed the redesign of the brand, which reflects in a more modern and harmonic way the essence of the company.
The current brand gives strength and personality to MEGAJOULE. The format and combination of elements of the new symbol convey the idea of movement, expansion, continuity and flexibility. All these values build the image of a bold and dynamic company which has potential to act expressively in the international market.

The colours and the gradient of the brand produce a visual impact and are responsible for linking the concepts of energy and vitality to the image of MEGAJOULE. The typology is balanced and aesthetically functional, so in addition to fitting the profile and of the company it fully matches all the other elements of the brand.

To put the company in the new panorama that it is inserted, this slogan was created:

                         Rethinking Energy Worldwide

The slogan highlights the prospects for MEGAJOULE global expansion and even encourages people to rethink the energies that move the world.
In this phase of its life, MEGAJOULE feels it is better prepared to face market challenges and avail the opportunities that are yet to come.

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