MEGAJOULE|Measurements Lab.
MEGAJOULE's laboratory assures the measuring activities targeting to deliver to the Client a service that, making use of best practices (IEC and MEASNET), enables to achieve a high availability of valid data, as well as minimise the uncertainty associated to the measurements.

The main services offered by the laboratory are:

Mast Inspection and Maintenance
  • Execution of engineering projects of masts for resource assessment measuring instruments (lattice or tubular structure, metal or concrete and guyed or self-supported);

  • Elaboration of quality dossiers of masts for resource assessment (e.g. structural inspection highlights, maintenance instructions);

  • Structural maintenance of masts (e.g. surface treatment, tightening torques, fall arrest system inspection and certification);

  • Site visits for troubleshooting instruments malfunction and replacement.

Measurement of Renewable Resources
  • Planning, specification and commissioning of measuring campaigns;

  • Audits and Certification of meteorological masts;

  • Measurement campaigns follow-up (raw data collection, quality control of data, analysis and reporting)

Wind Farm Performance Evaluation
  • Power Curve Measurement

  • Whole Wind Farm Warranty (WWFW)

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