Company Profile

Founded in 2004, MEGAJOULE is a privately owned Portuguese company, dedicated to renewable energy consultancy and leader in wind resource assessment in Portugal, one of the leading European markets for wind energy.

MEGAJOULE services cover a wide range of topics related to wind resource assessment, from site evaluation to wind resource assessment studies, including planning and conducting wind measurement campaigns and project due-diligence. Acting globally, MEGAJOULE provides not just wind consultancy but also advice on solar energy and biomass projects.  
MEGAJOULE is pleased in having some of the biggest project developers, investors, turbine manufacturers and banks as clients in Portugal, as well as having the confidence of several international companies.

MEGAJOULE is proud in being a member of several national and regional renewable energy associations and its team members are regularly engaged in international workgroups and technical commissions.

Consultancy during project development

MEGAJOULE offers consultancy support in every stage of project development. From the opinion about the interest of a non-studied site, to wind measurement, to the support in layout definition, tests of different technological solutions and to the respective annual energy production estimation.

MEGAJOULE offers services that gather the proximity and high flexibility of an internal department with the independence and thoughtful analysis of an independent consultant.

Wind measurement services

MEGAJOULE takes care of the planning and conduction of wind measurement campaigns on behalf of its clients. MEGAJOULE assures the close monitoring of the measurements, malfunction detection, regular wind data validation and the emission of results reports.

Wind resource assessment and annual energy production estimation

MEGAJOULE has performed wind resource assessment and annual energy production estimation studies for wind farms summing close to 10 GW of nominal power.


The studies performed by MEGAJOULE have an excellent reputation amongst developers, investors and project financers.

Advanced wind flow simulation

For highly complex sites, in presence of steep slopes or densely forested areas, MEGAJOULE offers advanced solutions, including the use of CFD models. Using this resource it is possible to accurately determine parameters like flow inclination, wind shear, turbulence and extreme winds.

Wind farm power performance verification

On the wind farm implementation stage, and even during its operation, MEGAJOULE intends to keep presenting useful services for its clients.

The performance warranties verification, particularly through power curve measurement, and the evaluation of wind farm operation are services made available by MEGAJOULE.



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