Due Diligence
The final decision of erecting a Wind Farm is of great responsibility. You must be certain that all operational and financial assumptions are accurate, and that all risks are tackled.
MEGAJOULE’s experience with all stages of wind farms development and operation and the up-to-date knowledge of the main methodologies, tools and skills gives us a privileged insight over a project's confidence and risks.
MEGAJOULE can deliver an objective, clear and independent assessment of profits, uncertainties and risks involved for all technical issues of a wind farm project. MEGAJOULE has participated and conducted Due Diligences for wind farm projects worldwide with a total of more than 2.5 GW.
Review of project and technical assumptions

Either you’re promoting, buying or financing a wind farm, there is a stage where you should review all your plans, engineering, costs, energy yield and revenue assumptions.
MEGAJOULE can review and deliver a second opinion of major project assumptions. MEGAJOULE can also access future impacts on surroundings and communities, such as noise and visual impacts.

“Bankable” wind farm energy estimate
Ultimately, the future net energy yield will be the most important assumption for your wind farm’s financial model.
A third party independent assessment on this subject is always a crucial part of a Project Finance dossier. MEGAJOULE has a long track record on wind assessment and energy studies, several acting as advisor for banks and investor in wind energy studies.
Site assessment

The efficient and safe operation of the Wind Farm depends on the correct selection of each Turbine site. Complex terrain, extreme wind and forestation are some example of situations that can lead to under performance and hazard.
MEGAJOULE has an unique experience incomplex sites. We now how to foresee and study relevant wind conditions and correctly assess risks. For most complex sites and forested areas we can deliver a detailed wind flow simulation based on state of the art CFD modeling.
Contracts review
Well designed supply or EPC contracts will avoid you unnecessary trouble and headaches.
MEGAJOULE has participated in several Wind Farm Tender processes, both on supplier and promoter sides. MEGAJOULE can evaluate and prepare all technical issues related to final contracts. Special attention is given to Operational Tests, Performance Warranties and Provisional and final take over milestones.

Inspection and supervision of works

During construction and test period, MEGAJOULE and its partners can provide you a full supervision and inspection service for engineering and construction works, and supervision of operational and warranty tests. This way, final take over will be an easy step.
MEGAJOULE can also perform independent third party Power Curve Measurements or other performance warranties.

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