Resource assessment and energy estimates
Any wind farm investment decision will always be based in a key question - What will be the expected revenue from my wind farm ?
For this important question you must have a solid uncompromised assessment of the wind resource.
MEGAJOULE has helped developers, investors and banks to answer that important question. MEGAJOULE consultants have performed wind resource assessment and energy yield studies for almost 10GW total installed capacity.

Inspection of met. masts and wind data

When developing a wind farm, local wind data will always be your most reliable asset. Having good and reliable wind measurements will allow you to maximize energy yield, minimize operational risks and build a solid basis for third party assessments and due-diligences processes,to finance or sell your project.
MEGAJOULE has a long experience in designing and conducting wind measurement campaigns and a solid portfolio of wind farm energy estimates. MEGAJOULE consultants understand by experience the characteristics that allow accurate field wind measurements for resource assessment and can inspect the measurement masts and data that base your energy yield figure.
Modeling of wind conditions

Understanding the way the wind resource is distributed along your site will allow you to make the most safe and profitable decisions.
MEGAJOULE has a long experience in numerical simulation of surface wind flow making use of the most relevant modeling approaches available (WAsP, MSMicro and MeteodynTM).

Micrositing and wind farm layout

MEGAJOULE consultants have a long experience working with developers and turbine suppliers hence having a full range understanding of all issues involved a iterative and cooperative process.
We can quickly deliver energy prognosis, risk analysis enabling you to swiftly test scenarios, re-design and let your project move on at your pace.

IEC site assessment

To minimize risks for the project, hazardous situations that can occur in more complex sites should not be neglected.
MEGAJOULE investigates average and extreme wind speeds, ambient and wake turbulence, flow declination and vertical wind shear to avoid any inappropriate external condition for your wind turbines.
If necessary, IEC site assessment uses the most appropriate numerical modeling solutions depending of the wind farm and site (WASP Engineering, Meteodyn , WindSim).

Energy yield and uncertainty estimates

For years, several developers have trusted MEGAJOULE for the most important information for their decisions – the expected annual energy yield and associated uncertainty.
MEGAJOULE consultants analyze all available data for the most accurate central estimate of the average annual output of your Wind Farm and assess all uncertainty sources to quantify the confidence levels of each yield limits.

Mesoscale modeling of wind resource

The meteorological and numerical Mesoscale models are based on public climate data allowing the mapping of average characteristics of the wind for any location on the globe, even before any measurement masts has been installed. Due to its resolution and accuracy those models are perfect for project’s pre-feasibility phase or for definition of national and regional strategies.
The results of Mesoscale modelling together with Microscale modelling allow us to get the appropriate resolutions to obtain a first micrositing and energy estimates of the wind farm.
MEGAJOULE dominates the state-of-art meteorological models and has produced wind resource maps to several countries and regions and supported the initial development of projects.

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