Wind measurements
Ultimately, local wind data will be your most reliable asset.

Having good and reliable local measurements is crucial to make a safe investment decision. It will allow you to, efficiently, maximize energy yield, minimize operational risks and build a solid basis for third party assessments and due-diligences to finance or sell your project.

Conducting measurements in often far and remote sites is a task that requires a great amount of dedication. You will need quick response to repairs and malfunctions and frequent data monitoring to get good recovery rates and allow quick decisions.

MEGAJOULE has a highly specialized team dedicated to field wind measurements for resource assessment and monitoring purposes. MEGAJOULE designs, installs and operates optimal wind measurement campaigns anywhere and has been responsible for more than 180 measurement masts all over the World. Quality data recovery rates are above 98%.

Planning and installation

When you plan a wind measurement campaign for your site you won't have many chances to get it right. The number of masts and their sites will define the future uncertainty in energy estimates.
MEGAJOULE’s experience in conducting wind measurements in parallel with the experience in energy estimate studies and numerical wind flow simulations, enables the full range view. MEGAJOULE helps you select the sites, mast and equipment specifications that will allow you the most proper use of such valuable data.
MEGAJOULE follows the most common international standards for mast configurations for wind measurement for energy assessment (like MEASNET, IEC and IEA). Together with our partners, MEGAJOULE has delivered, erect and equipped met. masts from Europe to the Oceania.

Operation and maintenance of met. masts

The costs of lost wind data, inefficient equipment maintenance and unsafe works procedures are often underrated.

MEGAJOULE guarantees the most efficient and safe conduction of your measurement campaigns. MEGAJOULE assumes all data acquisition, routine maintenance, repair and replacement. MEGAJOULE objectives are the lowest maintenance costs, the largest data recovery, more quality information and less risk or uncertainty.

MEGAJOULE professional service has allowed for recovery rates an average recovery rate of 98% in all measurement campaigns conducted.

Monitoring of wind data and reporting

MEGAJOULE ensures a daily wind data quality assessment. Only this way equipment malfunction or other problems can be detected in the proper time and maintenance can be quickly schedule for minimum data losses.

MEGAJOULE delivers monthly wind measurement reports. This way, you can keep in touch with results and make any decision more wisely.



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